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Tackling Cancer Behind Scenes

A worthwhile new distributed computing project backed by the University of Oxford, in England; the National Foundation for Cancer Research, in Maryland; Intel; and United Devices, along with other supporting organizations, was launched earlier this month.

Name Stake

| challenges status quo

Original Coach, New Team

Ed Mcvaney is shaking up J.D. Edwards' consulting practice-and its staff.

Your Face Is Good Enough

Face it, authentication and security are degrading. They degrade system performance and the user

Some Party

When computing scribe John Dvorak took the mike to introduce the keynote speaker at ISPCON Spring 2001, he drew nervous laughter by noting two ads for the show depicting people about to, or actually, jumping off cliffs.

Ex-Workers Paid to Zip Lips

Nondisparagement clauses raise rights issues.

WhISPers: April 16, 2001

Independent from WorldCom as it may be, the inevitable post-acquisition brain drain has hit Digex in a big way.

Enough With the Whining!

Have you noticed which company is acting like there is no downturn in the technology sector?

Adding Lyrics to New-Economy Blues

The '80s seemed like a distant, lost dream as el Gato sat at the Moscone Center in San Francisco last week

Raise Your Hand If Youre Clueless

Clueless is a word thrown around the industry a lot these days, and it's been applied to us for our March 26 cover story, "Internet Armageddon".

Knowledge Management Has a Human Side

The jury is still out on whether knowledge management is ready for prime time, but many forget that the success of these systems depends more on human management than on any technological aspect

A Lesson in E-Biz Survival: Measure or Else

You might think it would be easy to convince IT managers that it's important to measure their group's effectiveness supporting e-business

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