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Building the Brilliant Machine

Today's computers are unreliable, primitive tools when compared to the proactive technologies with human-like intelligence that deep thinkers predict will help us get our work done in the years ahead.

Intel Process Promises Faster Chips

Intel Corp. researchers have developed a new technology that paves the way for producing processors running at speeds of up to 20GHz in a few years.

IBM To Introduce New Laptop, PC Models

IBM, in its first significant PC announcement in a year, will introduce five new ThinkPads and three new NetVista models on Tuesday, according to sources close to the company.

AMD Counters Intels Moves With High-End Athlon

Advanced Micro Devices plans to release next week a 1.5GHz processor, the Athlon XP 1800, amid an industry slump and growing concerns of an eroding customer base.

IBM Sets Sail With Regatta

After months of quiet promotion, IBM today launched its Regatta-based server, a machine it believes will bolster its years-long effort to steal market share from Sun Microsystems in the lucrative Unix server market.

Comdex Chief: The Show Must Go On

Key3media Events CEO Jason Chudnofsky forecasts a 30 percent decrease in Comdex attendance, blaming the drop on a lackluster economy and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

AMD Athlon XP Palomino Already for Sale on Web

AMD's Athlon XP is alive and for sale on the Web in advance of its launch October 8.

Compaq Lost $700 Million In Sales After Attacks

Compaq Computer said it lost about $700 million in business in September because of the terrorist attacks against the U.S., causing the already beleaguered computer maker to warn that it will post third-quarter revenue as much as $1 billion below previous

Perfect Storm Batters Compaq

Compaq warns that its quarterly earnings will fall well short of expectations, claiming the fallout of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and other factors produced 'the perfect storm.'

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