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How to Give Your Old Workstation a Brain Transplant

EWEEK HOW-TO FEATURE PART 5: You’ve done the analysis, you’ve checked your budget, and the only way you can improve the performance of these workhorse computers is to upgrade them, since replacement isn’t in the cards.

Qualcomm Spikes NXP Acquisition in Wake of U.S.-China Trade War

Officials with the chip maker said it was unlikely that Chinese regulators would OK the acquisition in light of the tensions between the countries.
MacBook Pro

Apple Fixes Throttling Glitch in Its New MacBook Pro Laptops

After customer complaints came in about slow speeds with the latest MacBook Pro models, Apple issued an update to fix the problem.
Daily Tech Briefing July 23, 2018

HP Claims New Entry Workstations Are 'World’s Most Powerful' VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: HP unveils what it calls the "world's most powerful entry workstations," and Google is going public with its "Grab and Go" Chromebook loaner program.
Chromebooks Run Office

Google Going Public With ‘Grab and Go’ Chromebook Loaner Program

A new Google program allows corporate computer users who experience sudden device failures to quickly borrow a Chromebook to they can get back to work.

HP Unveils What It Calls 'World’s Most Powerful Entry Workstations'

The new HP Z Workstation lineup, produce name that sounds as if it's related to IBM’s z System mainframes, are designed to improve productivity of professional workflows with speed, no loss of graphics power, expandability and hardware-based security.
Daily Tech Briefing July 18, 2018

Windows 10 Upgrades Fuel Strong Growth in PC Market VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Business demand drives the strongest PC market since 2012, and Google makes "Site Isolation" the default setting in its Chrome browser.
3D XPoint

Micron, Intel Will Terminate 3D XPoint Joint Development Program

Development of the chips beyond the second generation of 3D XPoint chips will be pursued independently by the two companies in order to optimize them for their respective product and business needs, Micron said.

Samsung Unveils First 8Gb LPDDR5 DRAM for 5G Mobile Apps

To maximize power savings, the 10nm-class LPDDR5 has been engineered to lower its voltage in accordance with the operating speed of the corresponding application processor, when in active mode.
Workstation Processor Upgrades

How to Decide if It Make Sense to Upgrade Your Workstation’s CPU

eWEEK HOW-TO FEATURE PART 4: Retrofitting your old professional workstation with faster processors may seem like a no-brainer, but in reality it requires some thought, and some cost analysis.
Workstation SSD Storage Upgrades

How to Upgrade Your Workstation With High-Capacity RAID Data Storage

eWEEK HOW-TO FEATURE PART 3: You’ll probably notice the most immediate improvement in speeding up your old workstation when you replace your old hard drives with SSDs, but what to do about the RAID system?
Windows 10 Autopilot Update

Windows 10 Preview Build Enables Biometric Logins for Remote Desktops

Windows 10 business users soon will be able to log into their remote desktop sessions using Microsoft's Windows Hello biometric technology.

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