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IBM Continues Transforming Its Mainframe

With the release of the System z10, IBM is looking to expand the customer base for its mainframe systems.

HP Upgrades Midrange Storage Arrays

The EVA4400 has more capacity, new virtualization features and a lower price.  

VMware Details Lifecycle Management Tool

At its European show, VMware will demo several new products, including a lifecycle management tool for virtual machines.

Novell Acquires PlateSpin for $205M

Consolidation in the virtualization sector continues.

Kace Aims Virtual KBOX at Mid-market

The virtual management appliance runs on VMware servers.

Return on the Green IT Investment

The power needed to run data centers presents a double-whammy: the demand for more power raises costs for the energy, and all of that energy creates heat, which has to be cooled by air conditioning systems, which consume yet more electrical power. Senior executives are noticing, but new research...
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Getting Virtualization Right- SLIDESHOW

In my story about managing virtualization, I recommend some ways that IT managers can tame existing server sprawl. This sprawl can be avoided altogether at companies just beginning or planning a server virtualization if the following steps are taken. By Cameron Sturdevant

10 Factors That Define an Energy-Efficient Data Center SLIDESHOW

According to recent Gartner Group and Environmental Protection Agency reports, the power demands of data centers in the United States have grown by five or more times in the last seven years and are expected to double again by 2011. At the moment, the EPA estimates that data centers account...

Many IT Admins Still Not Sold on Virtualization

A survey reveals that less than half of respondents believe they are using it effectively.

Sun Looks to VirtualBox to Attract Developers

By buying Innotek's virtualization software, Sun plans to bolster its own xVM Server offering.

Sun Acquiring Desktop Virtualization Specialist

Updated: The OEM is buying Innotek, a German company that has developed virtualization software for clients.

Intel: No Dominant Computer Model for Enterprises

The company favors OS and application streaming, but its studies find none of the centralized computing models will dominate the business world.

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