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Arm Pelion IoT Platform

Arm Introduces Pelion IoT Platform to Manage Connected Devices, Data

Company officials said the acquisition of Treasure Data for data management services was the final piece to put into place to complete the platform.
Daily Tech Briefing Aug. 2, 2018

Latest Milestone Brings T-Mobile One Step Closer to Rolling Out 5G VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: T-Mobile achieves a major milestone in deploying 5G wireless, and FireEye boosts endpoint security with MalwareGuard machine learning.

Carbon Black: Product Overview and Analysis

As a cybersecurity innovator, Carbon Black has pioneered multiple endpoint security categories, including application control, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and next-generation antivirus (NGAV).
T-Mobile 5G Wireless Milestone

T-Mobile Achieves Major Milestone in Deploying 5G Wireless

NEWS ANALYSIS: In another test of its 5G wireless capabilities, T-Mobile has demonstrated its ability to deploy the new protocols on 4G frequencies using upgraded equipment.

App Store at Age 10: How Mobile Development has Progressed Since 2008

Despite the availability of other options, native should remain the first choice for mobile development. Native apps are faster and more efficient, because they work in tandem with the mobile device for which they are developed.
IBM MaaS360

IBM Brings AI Chatbot to MaaS360 Unified Endpoint Management Security

Voice and text chat capabilities are coming to IBM's MaaS360, providing organizations with easier ways to get information.
Daily Tech Briefing July 27, 2018

Qualcomm Millimeter Wave Antennas, Modem Chips to Help Advance 5G VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Qualcomm's millimeter wave radio is a breakthrough in 5G technology, and Juniper is bringing 400GbE to PTX, QFX and MX switches and routers.

Seven Ways to Boost Productivity of Your Staff

Flock CEO / founder Bhavin Turakhia cites important factors that can drill holes in your team’s productivity and offers solutions to overcome such challenges.
Panasonic Toughbook

Panasonic Rolls Out Thinner Toughbook Business Handhelds

By making the devices thinner and easier to handle, Panasonic hopes to spur new and current users to adopt its latest rugged handhelds.

Qualcomm Spikes NXP Acquisition in Wake of U.S.-China Trade War

Officials with the chip maker said it was unlikely that Chinese regulators would OK the acquisition in light of the tensions between the countries.

Genesys Readies Smart Bots for Google Cloud

Live demonstration at Google Cloud Next highlights Genesys integration to complement and enhance contact centers.

Qualcomm Millimeter Wave Radio a Breakthrough in 5G Technology

NEWS ANALYSIS: New millimeter wave active antennas and modem chips will allow mobile cellular communications at frequencies where it was once thought impossible.

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