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Apple Pay Cash Adds New Dimension to iOS 11 Mobile Payments SLIDESHOW

Apple has started rolling out a new iOS 11 feature, Apple Pay Cash, which allows iPhone users to quickly transfer funds to family, friends or businesses. The features is being rolled out in the iOS 11.2 update and will only work in the U.S. to start.
Unlocked iPhone X Sales

Apple Starts Direct Sales of Unlocked iPhone X Handsets

Apple's top-of-the-line iPhone X phablet is now being offered in a SIM-free version for customers who want to choose their own carriers.

IDC 3rd Quarter Report Shows Apple a Rising Force in Wearables Market SLIDESHOW

Apple smartwatch shipments jumped 52.4 percent to gain ground on leaders Fitbit and Xiaomi, according to IDC's third quarter 2017 wearables market report.
Google Safe Browsing Policy

Google Safe Browsing Tool to Warn About Unwanted User Data Collection

In the next two months, Google will start requiring Android app developers to provide users with clear warnings and explanations for what they do with personal data.

Startup Neura Launches Cognitive Car, Transportation AI Apps

Had too much to drink and need to get home? This app will know and try to convince you to park the car and take Uber instead.
Intel 5G Wireless Progress

5G Wireless Development Efforts Accelerating, Intel Exec Says

Intel is doing its part speed up the development and adoption of 5G wireless technology by in part by developing components such as the 5G Mobile Trial Platform to support the initial 5G NR specifications in live tests.

Why Phablet-Sized Smartphones Will Dominate the Handset Market SLIDESHOW

Smartphone buyers are increasingly favoring "phablet"-sized handsets with screens that measure 5.5 inches or more, according to an IDC market report.

DOJ Shares Criminal Probe Evidence With Judge in Waymo vs. Uber Suit

NEWS ANALYSIS: In a surprise development U.S. Department of Justice lawyers reveal evidence from ongoing criminal investigation of Uber to the judge in Waymo’s civil lawsuit against Uber.
gavel tech patents

Apple Countersues Qualcomm in Court Fight Over Patents, Royalties

Apple alleges that Qualcomm's Snapdragon mobile chipsets infringe on patents held by Apple as the two companies continue their fight in the courts over intellectual property.

How to Streamline an Enterprise Collaboration Ecosystem

Industry analysts project that the enterprise collaboration market will balloon from $7 billion in 2015 to $49.51 billion by 2021. This is to say nothing of the unknown but substantial value of the shadow IT in the space.
RoamingMan Mobile WiFi Hotspot

RoamingMan Mobile WiFi Hotspot Keeps Globetrotters Connected to Web

REVIEW: On a recent trip to Japan, the RoamingMan portable WiFi hotspot reliably kept the reviewer connected to the internet with no glitches to search for restaurants, points of interest and to check maps.
Daily Video 1127

AT&T Prepared for Court Battle to Defend Proposed Time Warner Merger VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: AT&T to fight U.S. opposition to its proposed merger with Time Warner; Intel patches Management Engine for critical vulnerabilities; Microsoft warns of late-year spike in Office threats; and there's more.

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