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Seagate Acquires High-End Storage OEM Vendor Dot Hill

Posted : 2015-08-19

Dot Hill's storage chops are so highly respected that some of the biggest providers in the world—HP, Sun Microsystems and others—white-labeled its IP inside their arrays. Read More >


NoSQL RethinkDB Adds Automatic Failover to Feature Set

Posted : 2015-08-17

Along with including automatic failover, RethinkDB 2.1 now allows users to add and remove nodes without any interruption in service. Read More >


No Flash in the Pan: Flash Memory in 2015 Hotter Than Ever

Posted : 2015-08-13

NEWS ANALYSIS: Solid-state NAND Flash storage has come a long, long way into general use after 10 years in the enterprise spotlight. Read More >


Rising Startup Pure Storage Files for IPO

Posted : 2015-08-12

The company had been valuated by private investors at a reported $3 billion last year, and startups valued at levels like that don't stay startups for long. Read More >


Veritas Goes Private for $8 Billion Following Split from Symantec

Posted : 2015-08-11

The fact that Veritas was hitting the road out of Symantec was not a surprise, particularly since the company announced the split last October. Read More >

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