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How Fujifilm Is Innovating in New Businesses, Technologies

Posted : 2015-06-18

Kodak ruled the world of film-based imaging for more than a century; Fujifilm was one of its top competitors. Kodak, as large and successful as it once was, filed for bankruptcy 10 years ago and changed its core business, focusing now on packaging,... Read More >


Autodesk, Dot Hill Combine for 3D Video Storage Package

Posted : 2015-06-15

Dot Hill's system can store up to 1.5 petabytes of high-resolution video in a single array, now a basic requirement for the movie and video industry. Read More >


Dropbox vs. Box: Which Cloud Storage Service Is Right for Your Business?

Posted : 2015-06-08

Enterprise cloud storage services are plentiful for those seeking them out. There are dozens of companies that promise secure cloud storage, and many of them deliver outstanding services. But two—Box and Dropbox—stand out because they... Read More >


NetApp Replaces CEO Georgens with EVP George Kurian

Posted : 2015-06-03

NetApp has been having some financial issues for a while. Revenues fell 2.5 percent overall in 2014, and the stock has slipped 23 percent in six months. Read More >


Microsoft Issues Major StorSimple Hybrid Cloud Storage Update

Posted : 2015-05-28

StorSimple is now available for customers of the company's secure Azure Government cloud service and supports non-Azure cloud storage providers. Read More >

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