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How Deduplication Has Evolved to Handle the Deluge of Data

Posted : 2015-11-13

The alarming influx of accumulative business data is expensive to store, secure and make readily accessible for the right people so they can do business well. Small to medium-size businesses are particularly vulnerable to this... Read More >


NexGen Adds Quality-of-Service SLAs in New Flash Arrays

Posted : 2015-11-12

NexGen's multitier architecture is compatible with future-type technologies, such as NVMe, 3D flash and ReRAM. Read More >


Hitachi Data Systems Expands All-Flash Array Options

Posted : 2015-11-10

Hitachi expands its lineup of all-flash and hybrid flash arrays, performance optimization software and data analytics products. Read More >


IBM Adds More Functionality to Spectrum Storage Lineup

Posted : 2015-11-05

Spectrums are high-end systems designed to support cognitive and other data-driven applications across hybrid cloud environments. Read More >


How Flash Has Directly Caused Storage Industry Consolidation

Posted : 2015-10-30

NEWS ANALYSIS: With the coming of enterprise-quality NAND flash, the scene was set for young storage companies to be swallowed. Why? We explain. Read More >

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