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Storage Maker Drobo Acquired by Investment Group

Posted : 2015-05-20

Drobo storage devices come in a variety of performance and capacity options at prices ranging from less than $600 to about $20,000. Read More >


Nexenta Unveils Big Data Storage System for OpenStack

Posted : 2015-05-18

NexentaEdge is a high-performance manager of petabyte-scale repositories that runs on so-called "shared-nothing" clusters of commodity Linux servers. Read More >


Putting IBM Flash Tech to Work, From Beverage to Travel Firms

Posted : 2015-05-15

As the amount of data that organizations across industries create continues to grow exponentially—and the importance of speed-of-access to big data insights is more critical than ever—challenges around the storage and management of data... Read More >


Software Helps EMC Ease Out of Its Enterprise Storage Comfort Zone

Posted : 2015-05-13

EMC is still primarily an enterprise storage and IT infrastructure company, but it spent more than half the time at its recent EMC World conference talking about software. Read More >


Veeam Declares Victory in Symantec Patent Battle

Posted : 2015-05-13

The legal dispute over alleged patent infringement appears to be settled, as the USPTO has deemed the patents Symantec tried to assert against Veeam are invalid. Read More >

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