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DataGravity Launches All-in-One Automated Storage Appliance

Posted : 2014-08-19

DataGravity enables the automatic analyzing of information as it is ingested, without impacting production operations. Read More >


Why Apple Is Storing Chinese Users' Data in China

Posted : 2014-08-16

NEWS ANALYSIS: Some countries demand that local user data be stored locally. Apple reportedly is storing Chinese user data in China, and that's a big deal. Read More >


Payment Card Breach Hits Supervalu Retail Chain

Posted : 2014-08-15

Attackers went shopping and picked up much more than just a carton of eggs. Supervalu was the latest retail chain to reveal a payment card breach. Read More >


10 Ways to Ensure Sync-and-Share Works Well for IT, Users

Posted : 2014-08-15

Enterprise users and consumers alike need the simplicity and ease of use of consumer-grade sharing and synchronization. The common denominator here is ease of use at all times, across the board, and for any application or function. Sync-and-sharing... Read More >


ClusterHQ Brings Docker Virtualization to Data Storage

Posted : 2014-08-14

ClusterHQ's Flocker leverages the ZFS file system to tackle the container storage challenge. Read More >

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