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Kingston to Release Monster 2TB/USB 3.1 Thumb Drive

Posted : 2017-01-04

The 2TB device doubles the capacity of its own former world-record holder and equates to the storage capacity that comes with the Xbox One S. Read More >


Five of the Most Innovative New Products Debuting at CES

Posted : 2017-01-03

Here are snapshots of a few innovative products being demonstrated at CES this week. Read More >


Intel's Upcoming Optane Memory Speeds Up SATA Drives

Posted : 2017-01-03

Improving speed while maintaining large storage capacities is now a must for a rising number of use cases: virtual reality, gaming, content creation and many others. Read More >


Microsoft Gives Azure Blob Storage Massive Capacity Upgrade

Posted : 2016-12-28

Microsoft's cloud object storage service now supports multi-terabyte file sizes and features an enhanced data import/export capability that includes the ability to transfer data from physical storage media. Read More >


Container Storage Vendor ClusterHQ Shuts Down

Posted : 2016-12-22

NEWS ANALYSIS: ClusterHQ which had been an early pioneer in the container storage market with its open-source Flocker project, ceases operations. Read More >

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