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Box CEO Offers Perspectives on AI, Machine Learning at Work

Posted : 2017-02-13

NEWS ANALYSIS: Storage and data protection have come from far behind the other key components of IT--computing and networking--to catch up in terms of innovation. Read More >


Rubrik Updates Its Cloud Data Management Platform

Posted : 2017-02-10

Platform manages physical Windows servers to obtain actionable insights from data visualization of the entire data management platform and secures data at rest. Read More >


Microsoft Adds Instant Recovery Option to Azure Cloud Backup

Posted : 2017-02-09

Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform as a service gains new data protection capabilities and an expanded set of new storage management features aimed at large-scale workloads. Read More >


eWEEK eSeminar Feb. 9: Ending Bottlenecks for Unstructured Data

Posted : 2017-02-08

Live event date: Feb. 9, 2017 @ 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT. Make your plans to join us; see links below to register. Read More >


Encryption for Data at Rest comes to Azure File Storage

Posted : 2017-02-07

Customers can now add another layer of security which Storage Service Encryption when ensures their cloud files remain encrypted while stored on Microsoft cloud services. Read More >

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