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EMC Launches libStorage for Containerized Systems

Posted : 2016-06-01

EMC, which has been about containing and protecting data for more than a generation, now officially has a container strategy of its own. Read More >


CoreOS Launches Torus Project for Cloud-Native Storage

Posted : 2016-06-01

While there are already multiple distributed storage systems, Torus aims to be cloud-native and integrate closely with Kubernetes. Read More >


NetApp's Updated Storage OS Can Handle New 15TB SSDs

Posted : 2016-05-31

ONTAP 9 includes a virtual appliance that can run 15TB solid-state drives either on commodity server hardware in a data center or in a cloud service. Read More >


Microsoft Taps Flash-Based Cloud Storage for Business Continuity

Posted : 2016-05-24

Customers can now use Azure Site Recovery to replicate virtual machines and servers to Microsoft's high-performance cloud storage service. Read More >


Dell Ratchets Up Its Storage File System Software

Posted : 2016-05-19

Company unifies control of diverse set of storage arrays, tightens its data-reduction process, adds VVOLS and lowers prices—all at the same time. Read More >

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