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You Want Fries With That?

Partners have more choices, as database vendors deliver expanded product menus.

Sign of the Times

We brake for billboards

Turf Wars

Oracle dominates the e-business landscape. But former employees are moving in on Larry Ellison's territory.

Oracles Mini Me ...

Peek inside Asera Technologies' doors, and you'll find a very, very tiny clone of Oracle.

Oracle Redefines B2B Apps

New e-procurement services seek to offer full collaboration between Internet buyers and sellers.

Oracle: The Yahoo of the Corporate World

Once again, Larry Ellison has taken a basic technology and made it seem interesting. That basic technology is the portal, and Oracle is staking a good part of its business on it.

Labs-Eye View

Oracle has figured out what the IT industry loves and hates in the computer industry.

Microsoft, Oracle Vis-A-Vis

As Unix threatens the Windows platform, Ballmer reaches out to Ellison.

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