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Java Groups Eye Openness

30 companies, individuals chosen to two executive committees overseeing Java Community Process.

Keon: PKIs Answer?

RSA plug-in may hurdle barriers to public-key security.

Talent Always In Short Supply

At XML Devcon in San Jose, Calif., last month, an attendee asked Ken North's panel on the future of software development to comment on the continuing need to write ever more new code. What's happened, he asked, to all the effort to make code more reusable

Honoring Computings Dead

Ever since the birth of the modern-day internet, we've chronicled an endless parade of death. The death of the PC.

IE Trips Up Disabled-But Help Is on Way

Government and wireless initiatives may bring better ways to surf.

No Easy Path to a Breakup

A Microsoft breakup would spell big trouble for the company in wireless and end-to-end services.

Microsofts Software Partners Not United On A Solution

Reaction from small software developers to Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's ruling against Microsoft Corp. depends largely on how closely the developers are aligned to the software giant and its Windows platform.

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