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Data Governance Provider Collibra Nets $50M in New VC

New York City-based Collibra brings a "data shopper's" approach to the task of finding and analyzing volumes of data.

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Security Provider Arxan Buys Apperian for Mobile Expertise

Arxan is adding much-needed mobile security management capabilities. Apperian's platform provides granular security and policy controls at the application level.

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More Innovation News

AMD Gives CES Attendees a Glimpse of the Future

Among the technologies AMD showed off is a super-thin PC about the size of a business envelope running on its upcoming "Mullins" APU.

Valve Unveils Steam Machine Linux Gaming Console at CES

NEWS ANALYSIS: Helping usher in the year of the Linux (gaming) desktop, Valve announced its Steam Machine—which will compete with Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Razer's Project Christine Aims to Make PC Building Easy

The company's concept, introduced at CES, is a highly modular design that would make upgrading components as simple as plugging in a module.

BeeWi Wins CES Innovation Award for Wireless Headphones

Users can stream music directly from any mobile device to a hi-fi system, using BeeWi's smart headphone as sort of a wireless gateway.

Induct Now Selling Navia, First Self-Driving Commercial Vehicle

The self-driving Navia is something between a golf cart and a minibus and is electric, has zero emissions and is capable of transporting eight people.

Qualcomm, Nvidia Unveil New Powerful Chips at CES

Both companies, which are strong in the mobile device space, are looking to expand into other connected systems, from cars to TVs.

eWEEKChat Jan. 8: Beyond BYOD: Why It's Now 'Bring Your Own Cloud'

BYOC describes individuals who have their own "personal clouds" or corporate employees empowered to use public or private third-party cloud services to perform certain job roles.

FireEye Acquires Mandiant, Ups the Ante in Cyber-Security

FireEye and Mandiant together will focus on providing real-time intrusion detection, contextual threat intelligence and rapid incident response.

eWEEK at 30: How Amazon Survived the Dot-Com Crash to Rule the Cloud

eWEEK 30: Amazon's decision early on to take a slow road to profitability, focus on the customer and always be innovating changed the world of online retailing and cloud computing.

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