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Security With a Patent

| has won a patent that will protect its rapidly growing business for updating and managing security on desktop computer systems via the Internet.

E-Theft: Whos Liable?

Watch out, online merchants: here comes the law.

Wireless LANs Dealt New Blow

Security goes from bad to worse

Deluge of Security Threats Overwhelms I-Managers

System vulnerabilities - holes through which intruders may crawl inside your servers - are cropping up at a rate six or seven per day, a pace that strains the resources of most system administrators, security experts say.

Security Must Be Baked In, Not Painted On

A wave of hysteria, a brief surge in traffic, a burst of defacements-by now, it's a familiar story.

Operator No. 9: August 6, 2001

CEOs of data security companies must patiently pray that - yes! - this will be the week that some freaky, out-of- control virus metastasizes across the Internet, bringing everything in its path to a crashing halt and thereby demonstrating the ne

The Buzz: August 6, 2001

The Russian software developer arrested last month by the FBI for allegedly violating the controversial U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act is almost reaching cult status, with support groups cropping up all over the Internet.

A Net Unprotected

Security experts are warning that the problems spawned by the malicious computer program Code Red may be dwarfed by the pain that lies ahead.

Code Red: Guard Your Apps

Attackers are worming their way around the network

Code Red Worm Exposes Security Flaws

In the wake of the massive infection of Web servers by the Code Red worm, systems administrators and security experts are doing a lot of finger-pointing over who is to blame for one of the Internet's most far-reaching security events.

Think Carefully Before Volunteering to Be a Security Vendors Guinea Pig

Market downturn or not, the drawing power of the "cutting edge" remains a powerful force.

The Course of Internet Privacy Legislation Is Tough to Follow

For a tumultuous trip, you could head for your nearest roller coaster this summer.

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