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Apple Again Offering Refurbished iPhones in the Apple Store

Posted : 2016-11-09

It's been a few years, but refurbished iPhones are again showing up for sale at a discount in the online Apple Store. Read More >


AT&T Prepaid GoPhone Plans With AutoPay to Get 33% More Included Data

Posted : 2016-11-08

The carrier is increasing its 6GB and 3GB GoPhone data plans to 8GB and 4GB per month for customers who choose the autopay option. Read More >


Apple Drops MacBook Pro Dongle Prices After Customer Pushback

Posted : 2016-11-07

Many Apple customers complained online when Apple removed legacy connectors in the devices in favor of USB-C and pricey adapters. Read More >


Latest MacBook Pro 13 Gets Low Ease-of-Repair Score From iFixit

Posted : 2016-11-02

iFixit found it difficult to remove its battery and other parts when it tore apart a new standard MacBook Pro 13 with function keys, and so gave it a score of 2 on a scale of 10 for ease-of-repair. Read More >


Toyota Developing Key-Free Vehicle Unlocking System for Car-Sharing

Posted : 2016-11-01

A pilot project with car-sharing service Getaround in San Francisco will test the system, which uses smartphone apps instead of keys. Read More >

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