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Why Princely Intern Pay Is an Indicator of Trouble for IT Sector

Posted : 2014-07-09

NEWS ANALYSIS: By being perceived as overly extravagant, big IT companies will be the first ones blamed for a new tech bubble burst when it happens. by being perceived as extravagant, these companies will be the first ones blamed for it, whether or... Read More >


Apple Grows Luxury Expertise With Hire of LVMH's Patrick Pruniaux

Posted : 2014-07-07

Monday is said to have been the last day at LVMH for watch specialist Patrick Pruniaux. Soon, he'll join former Burberry and YSL execs at Apple. Read More >


T-Mobile iPhone 5S Now Pairable With Prepaid Service

Posted : 2014-06-26

T-Mobile says it will now pair prepaid service with the iPhone 5S, and it's made a deal to sell iPads and iPhones with 4G LTE service at Costco. Read More >


Google, Microsoft Join Apple in Offering Life-Saving 'Kill Switch'

Posted : 2014-06-21

Google and Microsoft have confirmed new software features that will render stolen devices unusable. Since Apple did the same, iPhone thefts have fallen. Read More >


Apple iWatch Will Reportedly Feature 2.5-Inch Display

Posted : 2014-06-20

No shortage of loose lips has led to reports saying Apple's iWatch will come in multiple versions, be nearly square and go into production in July. Read More >

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