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Amazon to End Sales of Apple TV, Chromecast Streaming Devices

Posted : 2015-10-04

The move escalates Amazon's war to attract more users to its competing Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices by cutting out competitors.  Read More >


Apple Bulks Up Components in iPhone 6s Plus: Report

Posted : 2015-09-30

IHS' teardown analysis of an iPhone 6s Plus shows that Apple is adding $16 more in components than it built into the iPhone 6 Plus. Read More >


Apple Unveils OS X 10.11 With Long List of Security Fixes

Posted : 2015-09-30

Apple debuts a new Mac operating system, OS X 10.11, which offers some new features and locks down security. Read More >


While the Scare Fell Flat, XcodeGhost Tale Holds Lessons

Posted : 2015-09-28

NEWS ANALYSIS: Security firms jumped on the news of the XcodeGhost earlier this month, but the attack affected mostly China and was blunted by Apple’s security efforts.   Read More >


Samsung Offers to Pay Lease Charges on New Galaxy Phones Through 2015

Posted : 2015-09-28

The company will pay up to $120 of your lease or installment charges until 2016 on a new Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ or Note 5 phone. Read More >

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