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Analysis: Apple Watch Needs Help to Be Fully Functional

Posted : 2015-03-09

NEWS ANALYSIS: If the Apple Watch can do something other than put smartphone functions on a wrist, a lot more people might be interested. Read More >


Apple Gilds Smartwatch Lineup With $10,000 18-Karat Gold Model

Posted : 2015-03-09

Apple went a full hour-and-a-half into its press event March 3 reintroducing Apple Watch (remember, it was first introduced to the world six months ago, on Sept. 9) before it dropped the $10,000 bomb. That's the price the company is asking for its... Read More >


Apple to Phase Out Aperture Photo App This Spring

Posted : 2015-03-08

The company is phasing out both iPhoto and Aperture, its professional-level photo-management software, in favor of Photos. Read More >


Microsoft Previews Office 2016 for Mac

Posted : 2015-03-06

The Mac version of Office is catching up to its Windows brethren, and Microsoft is inviting users to take an early look. Read More >


Apple's Many Market Challenges Around the Globe

Posted : 2015-03-02

If Apple's quarterly financial performance says anything, it's that the company is a financial juggernaut. Despite all of the competition it faces in several core markets, including smartphones, tablets and computers, it's more successful than any... Read More >

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