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Why Shellshock Bug Is Way Nastier Than Heartbleed

Posted : 2014-09-25

NEWS ANALYSIS: Expert says that if your operating system is not patched automatically, install an update as soon as possible. Read More >


Apple, Facing iOS 8 Update Issues, Tells Users New Fix Is Coming Soon

Posted : 2014-09-25

Apple quickly pulled back a flawed iOS 8 update it had released on Sept. 24 and is now working on a replacement update for users. The update, iOS 8.0.1, caused a loss of cellular service for many users. Read More >


Apple Quickly Pulls Back a New iOS 8 Update Due to Problems

Posted : 2014-09-24

The iOS 8.0.1 update was unveiled early on Sept. 24, then was quickly pulled back after users began reporting serious problems that left them unable to make calls on their iPhones. Read More >


Samsung Beating Apple to China With New Smartphones

Posted : 2014-09-24

Samsung will apparently be selling its new large-screen Galaxy Note 4 in China before Apple launches its new iPhone 6 models there. Read More >


Some iPhone 6 Owners Reporting Phone Bending Problems

Posted : 2014-09-24

Owners of new iPhone 6 smartphones around the world are seeing their phones bending and deforming when they are stored in their pants pockets. Read More >

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