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Verizon Q3 Wireless Customer Net Adds Fall 57%

Posted : 2016-10-21

Q3 revenue and net profit were also down, due substantially to the sale of some local landline operations in the quarter. Read More >


How Businesses, Schools Get Help With Apple Deployments

Posted : 2016-10-20

Third-party vendors like Jamf offer deeper tools to replace Apple administrative tools that may not be adequate for larger users. Read More >


How Shared iPads and Apple TV Can Change Health Care Delivery

Posted : 2016-10-19

A new hospital being built at UC-San Diego has iPads and Apple TV in each of its 245 rooms to empower patients in their own medical care. Read More >


Apple Management Vendor Jamf Previews Upcoming Next-Gen Jamf Pro V.10

Posted : 2016-10-19

Built for Apple device administrators, the updated Jamf Pro V.10, which was formerly known as Casper Suite, is scheduled to come out in the first half of 2017. Read More >


Apple Planning a Second R&D Center in All-Important China

Posted : 2016-10-14

The plans for a new R&D facility in Shenzhen come as the company continues to try to bolster its market share and sales in the country. Read More >

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