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Microsoft Releases Flow Workflow Automation App for iOS

Posted : 2016-06-21

The app allows users to monitor and manage their IFTTT-like "flows" on the go. Flow creation capabilities will arrive in a later update. Read More >


Apple Pay Cash Withdrawals Rolling Out to Bank of America ATMs

Posted : 2016-06-21

The Apple Pay Bank of America ATM withdrawal capabilities arrive as Samsung Pay announces its services in Spain, Singapore and Australia.   Read More >


Spotify Grows to 100M Users in a Competitive Music Streaming Market

Posted : 2016-06-21

About 30 million of those subscribers are paying members of the streaming music service, which began in 2006. Read More >


Apple Won't Offer Financial Support for GOP Convention

Posted : 2016-06-20

Apple's action is a clear sign of a growing disconnect between Silicon Valley from the GOP and its presumptive nominee, Donald Trump. Read More >


Apple to Use Differential Privacy to Get User Insights Without IDs

Posted : 2016-06-18

The "differential privacy" technology will let Apple see usage patterns of large groups of users without being able to identify them. Read More >

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