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Qualcomm Files Patent Lawsuits Seeking iPhone Sales Ban in China

Qualcomm has filed a patent suit in China seeking licensing fees for several mobile technology patents it says Apple is using in its latest iPhone models.
Northern California Fires

California Firestorms Reveal Wireless Network Fragility in Emergencies

NEWS ANALYSIS: Wireless networks in the U.S. have little redundancy or interoperability, which means they can fail when they are needed the most, in natural disasters such as the firestorms in Northern California.

Taiwan Fines Qualcomm $773M for Practices That Hamper Competition

The penalty is the latest in a growing list of regulatory problems the mobile chip maker is facing for its business practices.
Daily Tech Briefing Oct. 12, 2017

Cortana Fans Can Now Chat With the Microsoft Virtual Assistant in Skype VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Skype users can now chat with Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistant; a new Dell IoT division will push its distributed core technology strategy; Arity launches mobility intelligence tools for the shared ride industry; and there's more.

Arity Launches Mobility Intelligence Tools for Shared Ride Industry

Shared Mobility Solutions is an app for smartphones that uses more than 26 billion miles of historical driving behavior data and years of transportation expertise to determine personal driving metrics for insurance providers.

Microsoft Improves Outlook Mobile Calendar Management

Outlook mobile app users can now sync changes in shared calendars and manage events in delegated calendars.

Skype Users Can Now Chat With Microsoft's Cortana Virtual Assistant

Not only does Microsoft's virtual assistant now appear as a Skype contact, Cortana now imbues text chats with intelligent suggestions.
Daily Tech Briefing Oct. 10, 2017

Uber Had Secret Access to iOS Screens, Thanks to Apple VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Uber says It's removing secret screen-viewing access to iOS devices; ZTE will launch a folding smartphone ahead of Apple and Samsung: Reports; Apple updates macOS High Sierra for two critical vulnerabilities; and there's more.
Windows Mobile end development

Why Microsoft Is Finally Pulling the Plug on Windows Mobile SLIDESHOW

Microsoft confirmed Oct. 8 that it will no longer develop new features for Windows 10 Mobile and isn't developing new mobile hardware for the operating system. This slide show looks at why the Window Mobile development efforts failed.

#eWEEKchat Oct. 11: Trends in New-Gen Mobility, Apps, Devices

Plan to join us Oct. 11 for an #eWEEKchat about trends in new-generation mobility applications and development of applications and services.
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Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile OS Is on Life Support

Apart from security patches and bug fixes, users shouldn't expect new updates for the mobile operating system, let alone new hardware.
Uber Leadership

Uber Says It's Removing Secret Screen-Viewing Access to iOS Devices

NEWS ANALYSIS: An undisclosed entitlement allowed Uber’s ride hailing app to have access to an iOS device’s frame buffer, which in turn could let the company see your screen.

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