Enterprise Collaboration & Messaging - 2


Ultimus Inc.s Ultimus BPM Suite 6.0

Ultimus BPM Suite 6.0s simple workflow creation tools, combined with its robust developer tools, made the product our top choice for the Enterprise Collaboration & Messaging category.

This suite will help companies build and deploy business process rules. Ultimus abstracts many business process management components, enabling users to harness Ultimus Process Designer to take an active role in developing rules.

Users can also manage workloads and the flow of information with Ultimus Client, which supports a range of forms choices from PDF to Microsoft Corp.s InfoPath forms. This focus on making it easy for users to be involved in the process won points in judging.

From an enterprise-developer perspective, Ultimus is aligned with Microsoft and .Net development but supports a wide variety of third-party enterprise applications from vendors such as IBM, SAP AG and Documentum Inc. Ultimus automates data and process integration between the workflow engine and third-party applications using automated processes called Flobots.


Cocreate Software Inc.s OneSpace.Net

The ability to collaborate with geographically dispersed suppliers and customers on design plans, regardless of the design application, distinguishes CoCreates OneSpace.net from the rest of the pack. OneSpace.net combines team work spaces, instant messaging and application sharing and is available as a hosted subscription service or through a traditional license.

OneSpace.net is built around Microsoft Corp.s .Net, so users can integrate OneSpace.nets features closely with the tools they already use, including Microsoft Outlook. IM discussions can be automatically stored in work spaces to improve accountability.

Jabber Inc.s Jabber XCP 2.7

Jabber XCP (Extensible Communications Platform) 2.7s flexibility makes it a finalist in this years Excellence Awards. Based on the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol standard, Jabber gives companies a way to build applications around instant messaging and presence awareness.

As a collaborative platform, Jabber goes beyond IM to provide presence-oriented directories, called rosters, and team work spaces built around text messaging for group collaboration. These work spaces can be actively monitored for keywords and user presence to help companies ensure they meet regulatory requirements.

Jabbers limited platform support on the client side was a concern for judges, but some of Jabbers shortcomings can be addressed through a development community that taps into the Jabber protocol and offers a broad range of clients either as open-source or commercial applications.

Excellence Awards Winners and Finalists: