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Airespace Inc.s Airespace Wireless Enterprise Platform 2.0

Airespace Inc.s Airespace Wireless Enterprise Platform 2.0 rose to the top of the Networking Infrastructure category by providing the wireless network provisioning, security and end-to-end management tools enterprise customers require—enabling enterprises to consider adopting wireless en masse for data and voice networking needs.

Airespace distinguishes its products through painstaking attention to the wireless aspect of wireless networking. Wireless Enterprise Platform 2.0 boasts outstanding radio-frequency performance and survey tools, enabling a fast, stable, self-adjusting wireless network.

Airespace sticks closely to industry security standards, supporting the latest WLAN (wireless LAN) security standards as well as IP Security termination and pass-through capabilities. The platform performs wireless intrusion prevention tasks, identifying and jamming rogue access points on a network.

"By holding wireless networking to security and service-level standards closer to those of wired networks and by adding far more visibility into the WLAN, Airespace will push wireless deeper into the enterprise and make it a viable solution for a significantly larger audience," said one Excellence Awards judge.


Cisco Systems Inc.s Catalyst Line

Although the Catalyst 3750 and 4500 devices are fine products in their own right, eWEEK Labs singles out the 6500 Series in particular. The Catalyst line lives up to Ciscos reputation as the bedrock on which corporate networks are built.

Offering best-of-class features and stellar performance, the Catalyst 6500 is a fine choice for enterprise data centers and provides high port density. To quote one judge: "The Catalyst Series offers excellent performance, and combined with Ciscos world-class support, these switches continue to be the standard by which all others are measured."

Redline Networks Inc.s E/X 3250 Enterprise Application Processor

Redline Networks E/X 3250 Enterprise Application Processor extends and maximizes Web infrastructure resources.

Although many vendors offer similar capabilities at the network edge, Redline Networks breadth of features, and the E/X 3250s ability to respond to changing business or traffic requirements, impressed judges.

The E/X 3250 sits in front of the server farm, intercepting communications from users and offering intelligent load balancing. Through Redlines TCP and Secure Sockets Layer processing, enterprises can conserve server processing power, offering increased services with less hardware. Compression algorithms save bandwidth, while Syn flood defenses and HTTP protocol scrubbing mechanisms provide crucial security layers.

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