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Celequest Corp.s Celequest 2.0 Activity Suite

Celequest Business Activity Suite, winner of this years Excellence Award for Analytics & Reporting, attracted the judges attention with its event-driven approach. It abstracts information from operational systems and data warehouses to put time- sensitive numbers in context, and it combines developer-friendly tools with user-friendly monitors and alerts.

"The real-time enterprise has been the Holy Grail," said a Corporate Partner judge assisting eWEEK Labs in this complex category.

Like other eWEEK readers, our Corporate Partners are driven in part by the in-house demons of massive volume and growing complexity in their enterprise data flows. They appreciate, in particular, the need to get beyond the last centurys batch models and rearview-mirror analysis and give their decision makers a much more immediate view.

"Products like Celequests set the stage for the next evolution of business intelligence," our enterprise colleague said.

He was quick to warn his colleagues against the fallacy of thinking that a company can buy a better brain in a box of bits. "Good internal business processes, management focus and the quality of underlying corporate data," he said, were his preconditions for success with even the most capable analytic product.

Assuming that those needs can be met, "Celequest has a powerful business rules engine that allows a company to dynamically model complex business scenarios and provide critical information in a secure manner to the right people at the right time," he said.

Celequest Activity Suites user interface is still a work in progress, in the assessment of one user interviewed at length by the judges, but the product appears to make significant strides in the vital direction of telling enterprise decision makers whats happening right now.


Insightful Corp.s Insightful Insightful Miner 3.0

Real-world performance, using actual data in enterprise environments, makes the difference between dazzling demo and successful adoption. With Insightful Miner, said one well-satisfied user, "we are able to build several test models quickly and determine the method we would like to pursue."

The same organization found it easy to transfer models from another platform, sometimes a crucial barrier to adopting a superior tool. High praise for Insightfuls responsive assistance with complex tasks completed the judges checklist.

SPSS Inc.s Clementine 8.0

When customers spoke to Excellence judges about SPSS data mining workbench, they extolled its combination of power and ease of use.

Clementine wins praise from independent evaluators for its maturity and its flexibility in letting users build solutions in an exploratory fashion.

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