Authentication & User Management - 3


Courion Corp.s Courion Identity Management Suite 6.5

When it comes to authentication and user management, 2003 was the worst of times because the rapid escalation of identity theft, along with the emergence of "phishing," made it clear that organizations must invest in user authentication and management to stay ahead of crackers and hackers.

It was the best of times because companies such as our category winner, Courion, with its Courion Identity Management Suite 6.5, stepped up to the plate with significantly enhanced user identity management tools that integrate with a broad range of applications.

Along with automated account provisioning and password management, Courion Identity Management Suite 6.5 wraps nearly all the user management tools up in a neat policy engine.

Courion lets IT managers deliver self-service indentity management to line-of-business managers and end users, alleviating one of the most basic and costly operations problems—a password reset—in the process. Courion Identity Management Suite 6.5 also gracefully enables managers to add and provision users as well as oversee the removal of out-of-date employee credentials without involving IT.


Microsoft Corp.s Windows Rights Management Services 1.0

Windows Rights Management Services 1.0 caught the eye of one of our Corporate Partner and Excellence Awards judges: "Regulatory compliance and laws are creating the need for controlling the access, distribution and life span of digital documents within the organization and also with external partners," he said. "Windows RMS defines a new direction in security by combining identity management, organizational policy enforcement and persistent protection of digital information."

Nokia Corp.s Secure Access System

Remote access by mobile and telecommuting employees posed a continuing challenge to IT during the last year. We recognize the growing importance of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) access to corporate applications such as e-mail. Nokia is an Excellence Awards finalist because it acknowledges SSLs significance with its Secure Access System.

Designed for midsize-to-large enterprises that already have a remote access dial-up or VPN, the Nokia Secure Access System provides SSL browser-based access to corporate applications. The Nokia Secure Access System provides an impressive method for enforcing policies that determine what information can be stored on a users local device. Based on numerous criteria, including how secure the device is, the Nokia Secure Access System controls how users can use corporate data when they arent at the office.

Excellence Awards Winners and Finalists: