Personal Productivity


Microsoft Corp.s OneNote

By providing an easy and innovative way to enter information and—even more important—search for it later on, Microsofts OneNote distinguished itself from a range of products in this years Excellence Awards Personal Productivity category.

OneNote, a digital note-taking application that enables individuals and teams to capture, organize, find, reuse and share notes on any laptop, desktop or Tablet PC, combines the flexibility of a paper notebook with the efficacy of digital media to increase user productivity.

Judges were most impressed with OneNotes ability to capture information. From within the application, users can gather or create information in Office or on the Web. The application also enables users to organize, edit and search different types of data, be it text, audio or a photocopy of a Web site.

Because it enables users to write notes on documents and then organize those documents in a manner that is easily searchable, OneNote is a solid and useful application to knowledge workers in the field—particularly those who take full advantage of mobile hardware such as the Tablet PC.

Microsoft is not known for getting it right the first time around, but the eWEEK Excellence Awards judges agreed the software company hit the right note with this new application.


Citrix Systems Inc.s GoToMyPC Corporate 4.0

With increasing numbers of mobile workers, enterprises must provide secure remote access to computing resources. Citrixs GoToMyPC Corporate 4.0 does this in a comprehensive manner.

A secure managed remote access solution, GoToMyPC Corporate 4.0 enables organizations to roll out a remote access solution by allowing secure browser-based access to any Internet-connected Windows PC. Users can then access applications and transfer files as if they were sitting at the host machine.

VMware Inc.s VMware Workstation 4

With its update of Workstation, VMware impressed judges by bringing increased flexibility and more functions to virtual machines.

Workstation 4 enables users to run multiple operating systems and applications on secure virtual machines that coexist on a single piece of hardware.

By running multiple systems on one machine, Workstation 4 enables users to support legacy applications while migrating safely to a new operating system and to test new applications prior to deployment.

Although software and Web developers have the most to gain from this application, the benefit of simultaneously running two operating systems on one machine is a productivity boost that many users will welcome.

Excellence Awards Winners and Finalists: