Enterprise Resource Protection - 2


TippingPoint Technologies Inc.s UnityOne Intrusion Prevention Appliances

TippingPoints UnityOne appliances got the nod because of their outstanding network and application-level security defenses and straightforward deployment. Despite their high prices, which can escalate to $90,000 for a single device, the UnityOne appliances were the clear winner in the Enterprise Resource Protection category.

The UnityOne appliances Threat Suppression Engine provides superior intrusion prevention services at gigabit speeds out of the box. Armed with the latest Digital Vaccines and tuned to network threats, the appliances defend against worms, Trojans and blended attacks at the Internet gateway or inside the LAN. With impressive hardware power, the UnityOne can also be installed outside the firewall to offload traffic. This mitigates the appliances high prices somewhat because the devices can help defray costs for other hardware, such as firewalls.

"Given the high degree of multitiered solutions that require mixing and matching, [UnityOne stands out as] a single-device solution thats both extremely comprehensive and straightforward to deploy," said one Corporate Partner and Excellence Awards judge.


Core Security Technologies Inc.s Core Impact 3

Testing the company network to see how well it withstands attacks is a tall order for many businesses. Hiring a company to perform even one intrusion on your network can be costly.

Core Impact 3 provides a powerful and flexible tool that lets businesses perform attacks on their network and systems, just as a hacker would, and find weak points. Core Impact 3 finds holes in networks and systems, then leverages those holes to perform additional attacks to expose all potential security problems.

With this application, security staff can perform regular tests of networks and systems to make sure new applications or designs arent creating new problems. And Core Security makes sure that the product stays up-to-date with new attacks, holes and exploits.

Qualys Inc.s QualysGuard

It can be hard to stand out in the crowded market of vulnerability assessment tools and services. But QualysGuard does just that by providing some of the highest levels of accuracy and detail in helping companies find the most dangerous holes in their systems.

QualysGuard also gives businesses very comprehensive reporting options, making it possible to track trends and find the best methods to fix security holes.

Delivered as a service, QualysGuard is kept up-to-date on current problems and vulnerabilities, meaning companies dont have to worry about whether the product will find new holes in their systems.

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