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Windows 10

New Timeline Feature Helps Windows 10 Users Resume Forgotten Tasks

Windows Insiders will soon be able to test a Timeline feature that allows them to pick up application tasks and web-browsing sessions where they left off.
Windows Edge PDF Files

Microsoft Edge Browser for Android, iOS Allows Quick Switch to PCs

| Updated
Blurring the lines between smartphones and PCs, the new Edge browser for Android and iOS allow users to seamlessly shift their browsing habits between both device classes.
wordpress 4.7.3

WordPress 4.9.1 Debuts with Updates to Harden Security

Two weeks after reaching general availability, WordPress 4.9 gets its first update fixing bugs and boosting security.
SAP Cloud Apps

Microsoft, SAP Deepen Their Cloud Collaboration With S/4 HANA on Azure

The two enterprise software companies will not only offer SAP S/4HANA on Azure, but also use one another's cloud platforms for their internal use.

How WD Plans to Lead Major Changeover to RISC-V Processing

RISC-V systems on chips represent a great deal of new promise for the IT infrastructure business and could become the Next Big Thing inside devices ranging from thumb drives to servers.

SnapLogic Extends Data Integration Capabilities for Citizen Devs

Enhancements to Iris AI-Powered Integration Assistant are designed to shorten the "citizen integrator" learning curve.

How to Streamline an Enterprise Collaboration Ecosystem

Industry analysts project that the enterprise collaboration market will balloon from $7 billion in 2015 to $49.51 billion by 2021. This is to say nothing of the unknown but substantial value of the shadow IT in the space.

Confluent Cloud Uses Apache Kafka for Streaming Data as a Service

The original creators of Apache Kafka are putting into action the company's expertise gained from managing large streaming environments.

Eight Reasons Why Chatbot Technology Isn't Ready for Commercial Use SLIDESHOW

While there has been plenty of development and experimentation with chatbots, there are strong reasons why this artificial intelligence technology isn't ready for wide commercial use. SAP's Stephen Hamrick explains how chatbots need to improve to be effective.
Chromebooks Run Office

Microsoft Makes Office Available to Chromebooks that Run Android Apps

Chromebook owners can now download and install Microsoft apps from the Google Play store, regardless of which model they own.

CloudPassage Automates Security, Compliance for Docker Containers

Container Secure is the only solution currently on the market that secures all three parts of container environments: container images, running containers and the container engine/host.

Uber Ignored Legal Requirements, Paid Hush Money to Hackers

NEWS ANALYSIS: The breach itself was bad enough, but it’s been compounded by the fact that Uber attempted to hide the event from customers and regulators. In fact, Reuters is reporting the company paid the hackers $100,000 in hush money to erase the data they took.

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