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Apptus Accelerate Show

Apttus’ New Omni Middle Office Platform Manages Sales, Cash Flow

With the new Omni platform, Apttus is taking its “middle office” concept to the next level including support from IBM’s Cloud and Max Proactive, which is a set of proactive artificial intelligence features designed to help enterprises manage their sales more effectively.

ServiceNow: Product Overview and Insight

ServiceNow, which appears to be pivoting to simply Now, provides cloud-based solutions that define, structure, manage and automate assets and services for enterprise operations.

Slack Turns to Machine Learning to Get More Value Out of Search Results

NEWS ANALYSIS: Not satisfied with its success against bigger players, Slack is using machine learning and AI to raise the bar even higher on search and recommendations.
Daily Tech Briefing May 15, 2018

Microsoft Shows Love to Multitaskers in Next Windows 10 Release VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft revamps its Sets feature for smoother Windows 10 multitasking, and Nutanix adds SDN features to its cloud software stack.
Power BI

Microsoft's Power BI Desktop Makes Quick Work Out of Big Datasets

The updated desktop client makes working with large datasets less of a waiting game for Power BI Premium customers.

Google Duplex IVR Demonstrates AI Advances, Raises Security Worries SLIDESHOW

Google says its AI-driven Duplex interactive voice response system that sounds remarkably human will bring improve customer service and save employee time devoted to answering repetitive questions. But it also raises ethical questions.
Voice recognition

Google Duplex AI Can Boost Customer Satisfaction, Ease Interaction

NEWS ANALYSIS: Google demonstrated its latest version of an AI-based IVR system that sounds and acts like a real person in limited scenarios.

New Real-Time Stream Processing Platform Powers Live Data Apps

Release of dA Platform with open source Apache Flink enables enterprises to process, analyze and react to massive quantities of data instantaneously. It moves a little quicker than Hadoop and other systems.

Microsoft Mixed Reality Hits the Factory Floor With New Apps

The new Remote Assist and Layout apps bring collaborative, AR-enabled equipment maintenance and floorplans to industrial sites.

Red Hat Announces OpenShift Products, Partnerships at Annual Summit SLIDESHOW

Red Hat announces new products and expanded partnerships with IBM and Microsoft at its annual customer event.
Artificial Intelligence Chips

AI Helping Transform Google Products, Services CEO Sundar Pichai Says

Artificial intelligence has helped improve multiple Google online services and technologies including Gmail, Photos and Maps, CEO Sundar Pichai says.
Windows 10

Microsoft Revamps Sets Feature for Smoother Windows 10 Multitasking

Microsoft adds new task switching and management options to Sets and introduces a multi-device clipboard that remembers.

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