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Phone-Based Fraud Takes Off During Tax Time

Posted : 2014-04-17

Security firm Pindrop finds a phone fraud ring that may have targeted more than 450,000 people, mostly immigrants and foreign nationals, in attempts to extort phony tax payments. Read More >


Google Glass Helping ER Doctors in Boston Hospital

Posted : 2014-04-17

Glass is making it easier for emergency room doctors to focus directly on patients and improve their care. Read More >


Samsung Galaxy S5 Has $251 Bill of Materials, Pushing a Pricey Trend

Posted : 2014-04-17

Slowing global smartphone sales have companies spending more to impress. But it's consumers who will pay in the end. Read More >


Mayer Pushing Apple to Replace Google Search With Yahoo

Posted : 2014-04-17

Apple has been using Google Search as a default on its devices, but Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer would love to get that business for her company. Read More >


Cortana-like Personalization Comes to Microsoft Bing

Posted : 2014-04-17

Bing provides a window into how Cortana, Microsoft's new search and digital assistant technology, gets to know users. Read More >

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