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Google Simplifying Distribution of Custom Android Apps in Play Store

Posted : 2017-01-13

New mobile management features will make it easier for enterprises to distribute internally-developed Android apps to users on the Google Play Store Read More >


Microsoft Power BI Reports Ready to Go Mobile

Posted : 2017-01-12

After months of development, mobile device users can work with the Power BI Desktop authoring software that can craft reports that look at home on smartphone displays.   Read More >


PC Shipments Down for Fifth Year; Lower End Problematic

Posted : 2017-01-12

The lower end of the PC market--mainly Asus, which dropped a startling 48.3 percent in shipments--is where the sales slippage has hit the hardest. Read More >


Google Patent Supports Using Autonomous Vehicles for Ride-Sharing

Posted : 2017-01-10

Google's patent application dated Dec. 22, 2016 is for technology that would help ensure autonomous vehicles use safe and accessible locations for passenger pickup and drop off. Read More >


How the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom Bucks Trend of Ho Hum Smartphone Upgrades

Posted : 2017-01-09

The pace of innovation in the smartphone market has slowed. Processors are getting gradually better each year. But handset designs are no longer groundbreaking and software updates deliver only incremental improvements. But Asus believes it can buck... Read More >

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