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Daily Tech Briefing Jan. 29, 2019

Salesforce Adds New Integration Features to Datorama VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Salesforce boosts Datorama analytics, and data privacy improves business outcomes, Cisco finds.

Amazon Web Services Launches AWS Backup

The centralized backup service enables businesses to back up their data across the AWS network and on-premises more efficiently.
Nginx API

How Nginx Is Expanding Beyond Just Web Application Delivery

The Nginx Application Platform is expanding, with new API management capabilities and a future direction to enable service mesh.
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Data Studio Gains Azure Active Directory Support

The January 2019 release of Azure Data Studio also gets SQL Server Profiler improvements and a host of other updates for users.

Microsoft Azure Portal Gains New Look, Features for Users

ENTERPRISE PUBLIC CLOUD NEWS: Azure Container Instances can now for the first time be started through the portal, adding flexibility for Azure workflows.

How Cynet’s Platform Approach Tames Cyber-Security Issues

NEW-PRODUCT REVIEW: Cynet 360 integrates a full spectrum of cyber-security technologies and capabilities into an easy-to-provision platform for enterprises of any size that seek to improve resiliency against today’s threats.
Dynamics 365

Microsoft Offering Hundreds of New Dynamics 365 Features in 2019

Microsoft is working to provide consistent updates for all Dynamics 365 and Power Platform users.

Salesforce Boosts Datorama Analytics

PRODUCT UPDATE NEWS: Salesforce has unwrapped a significant update to its Marketing Cloud platform with new integration features and developer tools to Datorama, the analytics platform it bought last summer.

Startup Arrcus's Open OS Supports 400GbE Networks

NEW PRODUCT UPDATE: The startup’s ArcOS open networking OS, which launched last year, now can run on 400GbE switches powered by Broadcom’s Tomahawk 3 silicon.
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Unveils Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC2

SERVER NEWS: This is the final release candidate for Azure DevOps Server before the full, final version is released in the coming months.

Microsoft Bolstering Security, Compliance With Microsoft 365 Add-Ons

Two new security and compliance packages are available at extra cost to protect enterprise Microsoft 365 users from wider threats.

Red Hat Advances Container Technology With Podman 1.0

Red Hat's competitive Docker container effort hits a major milestone with the release of Podman 1.0, which looks to provide improved performance and security for containers.

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