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Three Ways Omniverse Enterprise Will Transform Hybrid Work

Today, digital experiences in 3D design have become critical for businesses to succeed. Whether it’s improving customer engagement, increasing market opportunities, collaborating or supporting workforce services — managing hybrid experiences is becoming a top priority for every CIO especially those whose business incorporates 3D design into their workflows. Across industries, CIOs are looking for scalable […]

The profession of a software developer: What does it entail?

Being a software developer is one of those careers where no two days are likely to be the same. Different projects call for different skills, and a huge part of being a developer is finding solutions to problems. Flexibility is one of the most important attributes of a professional in this industry. Software development is […]

Can Pablo Escobar Teach us Something About Risk Management?

Pablo Escobar is one of the most infamous narco-terrorists of our time. His name is synonymous with illegal drugs, brutal murders, and a remarkable talent for avoiding capture. He is perhaps less well known as an access risk management professional. But the truth is, mitigating risk was one of Pablo Escobar’s greatest achievements. And the […]

Cybersecurity: castle strategy versus the angry mob approach

Cybersecurity is a highly unsolved issue.  With 2021 now behind us, we can say it was the most active year in terms of cyberattacks and ransomware. Many industry-leading organizations made the headlines by being targets of cyberattacks. JB Colonial in the US, Axa, or CDProject in Europe are just a few examples of major companies […]

How to Help Your Business Thrive With a Cloud-Native Strategy

It’s no secret the future of business is in the cloud. From the benefits of increased security options to streamlined functions and efficient operations, the cloud is equipped to help businesses scale, grow and thrive. That’s because cloud-native business solutions also benefit from the flexibility of the cloud – seamlessly implementing updates, adding new features […]

SD-WAN Works Best as Part of a Platform

Today business and work are evolving at breakneck speed, and networks need to be able to keep up. In addition to being flexible enough to adapt to changing business needs and new technology, networks now also need to provide a consistent user experience for employees who may be working from home, the office, or anywhere […]

Make Work from Anywhere a Reality with ZTNA

The season of ice and snow has arrived in North America and after a year of confinement, when you see the typical photos related to working from anywhere, it’s easy to be jealous. The image of the guy writing lines of code or peerless prose from a white sand beach in the Caribbean might seem […]

Delivering on the Power of Your Data

As business leaders, we are constantly looking for new and improved ways to satisfy and grow our customer base, attract and retain excellent employees, and develop and produce products and services that anticipate and address always-evolving consumer needs. In short, we all want to be more effective data-driven businesses, because better data and better use […]

Work at the Speed of Modern Business with Intel vPro®

The technology requirements of enterprise IT departments are shifting quickly and changing in ways never seen before. The need to support remote workers and teams, for example, has taken on new urgency in the last two years. Meanwhile, the velocity and volume of cyberattacks are increasing the focus on endpoint security. Manageability and security are […]

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