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NVIDIA’s Richard Kerris on Hybrid Work and the Omniverse

Forget the standard corporate cubicle – the world now works from anywhere, at anytime. What are the technologies and trends driving this generational shift? I spoke with Richard Kerris, VP of Omniverse Platform Development at NVIDIA, about the technology that fuels today’s collaboration, and the trends driving the generational shift toward hybrid work. Among the topics we […]

How XR Streaming Can Enhance Hybrid Work Environments

As enterprises across industries adopt hybrid work environments, many companies are integrating augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) into their workflows to drive design review, training, virtual production, location-based entertainment, and more. The promise of AR, VR, and MR—also collectively known as extended reality (XR)—is nothing short of revolutionary. But there […]

The Need for Speed: How Identity Compromise Accelerates Attacks

Modern adversaries are always seeking new ways to infiltrate more organizations, exfiltrate more data, generate more funds and achieve their myriad nefarious goals. This poses a big problem for defenders who put themselves at risk without the required defensive tools in place.  Adversaries’ changing tactics enable them to stay ahead. In the past, many have […]

Building the blocks of defense against ransomware

As businesses become increasingly more connected, it is becoming almost inevitable they will encounter cybersecurity threats such as ransomware – an insidious form of malware that holds systems and files hostage until financial bounties are paid. In 2021, one in four organisations in Singapore reported a ransomware attack, costing on average millions of dollars to […]

How to Build a Zero Trust Edge

To compete effectively in today’s rapidly evolving digital marketplace, most organizations have accelerated their efforts at digital innovation. One outcome has been the rapid expansion of the network edge, including developing hybrid networks that span constantly evolving data centers, campuses, branch offices, and multi-cloud environments. And the transition to a hybrid workforce has added home […]

Five Steps to Kick-start Your Move to XDR

Alert overload is practically a given for security teams today. Analysts are inundated with new detections and events to triage, all spread across a growing set of disparate, disconnected security tools. In fact, they’ve burgeoned to such an extent that the average enterprise now has 45 cybersecurity-related tools deployed across its environment. As attacks grow […]

Best cloud storage: the comparison of the top 5 in 2022

   What is the best online storage in 2022? With the advent of technology and data increasing in our lives, people have started moving their files to cloud solutions so they can be saved securely without any hassle or cost associated with it; but there is a ton out on different providers available — which […]

Backup your memories with the Swiss most secure cloud storage: pCloud review

Choosing cloud storage can be hard, as there is a wide range of options on the market. In a market dominated by American companies such as Dropbox or Google Drive, new solutions with better offerings are making their ways, such as the Swiss cloud pCloud, which is a great option for those who want the […]

Tap Into Next-Generation Powerful Performance to Work From Anywhere

Business resilience is often synonymous with business continuity. In times of crisis or disaster, leaders frequently think of business continuity as the ability to have their organization access their data, tools, and customers without taking any steps backward or having any interruptions. Nevertheless, business resilience expands far beyond that. It is the ability for companies […]

Four Considerations for Setting Up An Integrated SD-WAN Solution with LTE/5G

The combination of SD-WAN and 5G provides faster access to local networks while also enabling direct internet access to multi-cloud/SaaS applications (LAN/WLAN). When organizations use LTE/5G connections, it gives the branches more high-quality internet links for their cloud access. SD-WAN also has more ways to reach performance benchmarks, which improves the user experience. Using LTE/5G […]