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Predictions 2018: How DevOps, AI Will Impact Security

Enterprises are beginning to realize that cloud, artificial intelligence and DevOps are not a threat to security, but are in fact the best way to reduce risk. DevSecOps will become a hot new "thing."
Power BI Report Server

Microsoft Raises Power BI Premium Dataset Processing Limit to 10GB

Microsoft increases file limits, allowing users to run reports and gather more insights using up to 10GB of compressed data.

Predictions 2018: How Data Management Will Be Evolving

A good data management system is only as good as its ability to store, retrieve and produce files quickly and efficiently in order to get a task or workload completed in a timely fashion. We'll see more choices in 2018.

10 Apps That Improve Performance, Efficiency of Distributed Teams SLIDESHOW

The cons to enabling employees to work from anywhere at any time can outweigh the pros if you don't have the right tools. Here are 10 apps that will help distributed teams realize their full potential.
Skype for Windows 10

Skype for Windows 10 Gains Shared Content Gallery, Notification Panel

Accessing recently shared photos, videos and other files in a Skype chat is just a couple of clicks away with the software's new Gallery feature.

Companies Seek Better Products and Decision-Making From Cognitive Tech SLIDESHOW

Companies are boosting their investment in cognitive technology and artificial intelligence, often opting to develop these technologies in-house instead of relying upon external vendors.

#eWEEKchat Dec. 13: Predictions and Wild Guesses for IT in 2018

| Updated
This is one of the most fun and interesting #eWEEKchats of the year, offering an opportunity to predict the IT future for 2018.
VR Holiday Plans

Virtual Reality Inching Closer to Delivering Value to Enterprises

Companies such as Ford are seeing its investment in virtual reality payoff, but the automaker has been developing the technology for 30 years. Some say a killer app is needed to ignite the market.
Windows in Education

Microsoft Asserts Windows Gaining Ground in Education Market

The race to reach students is heating up with Microsoft reporting growing demand for Windows devices in classrooms.
AI for Ocean Research

ONNX Open-Source AI Interoperability Format Is 'Production-Ready'

After gaining support from other IT heavyweights, including AWS, the ONNX AI framework interoperability format is ready to get to work.

Virtual Instruments Monitors Infrastructure Though Application Eyes

The new version of Virtual Instruments infrastructure performance monitoring and analytics platform may signal the beginning of an app-centric IPM era.

Caspio Releases New Low-Code, Automated Visual Development Tools

Low-code platform enables citizen developers to define custom application logic using a visual drag-and-drop editor.

Enterprise Chrome Users Get New Browser Security Features

With Chrome 63, Google has released new site isolation and browser extension control features for enterprises.

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