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Kattoon: October 8, 2001

Pundits claim terrorists may hide messages in porn JPEGs.

Qwest, L3 Odd Bedfellows on New Service

Soon, Qwest Communications will start selling advanced wavelength services in conjunction with its archrival Level 3 Communications.

Lane Takes The Reigns of SeeBeyond

Ray Lane, former president of Oracle, has taken the chairman's reins of SeeBeyond Technology, a firm that does a healthy business with the federal government, including federal security agencies.

Albuquerque, CityNet Wire the Sewers

The city of Albuquerque, N.M., is the first in the nation to wire its sewers with fiber through a partnership with CityNet Telecommunications, bringing online 21 high-rise buildings with 1,000 business tenants.

Novell Sues Microsoft Over Ads

Novell has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft alleging that Microsoft lied about Novell's latest network operating system, NetWare 6.

VoiceXML: Bringing the Web to the Phone

Rarely has a new standard seen such broad and swift adoption by the industry at large as VoiceXML.

CRM: Girding Yourself for the Long Haul

COMMENTARY: Gartner Group says 50 percent of all CRM implementations will fail between now and 2006. How do you overcome such odds? Get the right people on the job from the start.

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